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The Total LIFE Diet Book

If you want to lose weight without feeling hungry, control your diabetes without depriving yourself of all the good things in life, prevent a heart attack and live life to the fullest, The Total LIFE Diet is the ultimate solution.

It includes:

Everything that you need to know about good nutrition, lasting weight loss and lifelong health
80 Fabulous Meal Plans for:
- Gradual weight loss, rapid weight loss and weight maintenance
- Omnivores, fish lovers’, meat lovers’ and vegetarians
- People on a tight budget and those who are ultra-busy
- Kids’, pregnant women and seniors’
- Inflammatory conditions and cancer prevention
- Pre-diabetes and diabetes
- Heart disease, total health and happiness

Over 170 quick and easy, nutritious and delicious recipes from around the world.
Shopping Lists and Tips for Eating Out
Exercise, Motivation and Positive Thinking

lifelong health and lasting weight loss



Skype Consultations

Whether you live in
Sydney or Seattle, Melbourne or Maitland, London or Los Angeles,

In 2015, you can follow The Total LIFE Diet from any part of the world!



Take a few moments to read through these questions:

Is your weight loss diet boring and bland?
Are you tired and hungry all the time?
Have you lost weight on many diets, but regained all the weight that you have lost and sometimes more?
Do you need more easy, healthy and tasty recipes that the whole family will enjoy?
Are you confused about how to read food labels on packaged foods?
Do you have pre-diabetes and don’t know what to do?
Could your diabetes be managed better?
Do you want to lower your blood cholesterol or triglycerides, but think that you have to give up all the good things in life?
Do you want an easy, effective, healthy and tasty diet that you can follow for the rest of your life?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, The Total LIFE Diet is the perfect solution for your problems.

It is a complete diet and lifestyle program that is scientifically based, yet practical, easy and delicious and focuses on getting results for YOU.

You can lose weight for life, while enjoying delicious and satisfying food

You will also be empowered to:

Beat pre-diabetes!
Control diabetes
Combat Inflammation
Prevent cancer
Lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure
Prevent and manage heart disease
Boost your brain power, energy and vitality
Be happier!

So come on board. You have nothing to lose except the kilos – and you will be safe-guarding your most valuable assets – your health and your life – and the lives of those you love.

You can follow The Total LIFE Diet program either by reading The Total LIFE Diet book or by consulting award-winning dietitian and author Shamala Ratnesar – or by doing both.

The Total LIFE Diet will provide you with the Ultimate Formula for a long, lean, healthy and happy life:

The HOPE Formula™

ealthy & Tasty Diet™
mega-3 Magic!
ositive Thinking & Positive Action




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